6/12 Human and viral genomics of infections

In this talk Vincent Pedergnana will present results from his research on hepatitis C virus and dengue virus using novel biostatistical approaches.

Speaker: Vincent Pedergnana, MIVEGEC - CNRS IRD, Montpellier
Title: Human and viral genomics of infections
Venue & Location: Centre de Génomique Fonctionnelle (salle des conférences, 1ème étage)
Date: TUESDAY 2 DECEMBER 2022, 14h

My research program focuses on the identification of human and viral genetic factors that can explain the observed variability in the natural history of infectious diseases, particularly those caused by viruses. I use approaches of statistical genetics, such as genome-wide association studies or candidate gene association study, as well as more original approaches, using family information to estimate the familial correlation of a trait or combining linkage analysis and association analysis within families. In addition, I contributed to the development of a novel method analyzing the interactions between the whole human genome and the whole virus genome.

In this talk I will present results from my research on hepatitis C virus and dengue virus.

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